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Educational Policy

Degree Classification

The heading above links to a page relating to my design and implementation of a uniform system of degree classification across the University of Leeds. This work mainly took place between 1992 and 1998, with the new classification system operating across all faculties in the University from 2000.

Funding Allocation within Oxford University

In November 2006 I circulated a briefing note to the Philosophy Faculty, emphasising the dangers which I saw in the impending Joint Resource Allocation Model (JRAM). I then wrote a longer paper entitled JRAMifications, which was published in Oxford Magazine 258, pp. 16-19. To my surprise, the briefing paper was discussed (inaccurately) in The Daily Telegraph (whereas the Oxford Magazine article sank without trace).

Admissions Test for PPE at Oxford

In December 2006, immediately after the PPE Admissions round had concluded, I circulated to colleagues in the Philosophy Faculty a discussion document What is Wrong with the PPE Admissions Test? The subsequent discussion led quickly to our abandonment of the old test, and the adoption instead (both for PPE and, the following year, for E&M) of the Thinking Skills Assessment.


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